5 Pain-Free Slimming Treatments You Can Get In Singapore


Slimming treatment in Singapore used to be invasive, somewhat painful and took quite a while for you to undergo the treatment and heal. These days, however, advanced and clinically proven machines have made it possible for you to get slimming treatments that are pain-free and requires no downtime.


  1. CelluBuster Wrap

If you want to restore your body curves and skin suppleness and reduce cellulite, the wrap, which can be used on your tummy, buttocks, and even legs, helps to remove excess toxins and fluid from the body while increasing your blood circulation. Results include firmer skin and toned body curves.


  1. Herbal Detoxification Steam Bath

For those who’d rather enjoy a good, pampering time, the herbal-oil infused steam bath not only helps the muscles relax and cleanses your skin, it also helps detoxify your body. In turn, the detox process will contribute to slimming your body down better and faster during treatment.


  1. Laser Lipo Body Shaper

For quick body contouring and fat loss, this laser-type treatment provides for a safe procedure, and no downtime, needles, pain, or anesthesia is required. The method involves vacuum massage and laser diodes that target and destroy fatty deposits while promoting skin regeneration and improving blood circulation.


  1. Accent Ultra Body

The painless alternative to liposuction improves your body shape and destroys fat using a patented ultrasound technology with selected frequency. To improve blood circulation, the treatment releases deep heat onto the skin without causing any pain. The treatment is mostly done on the arms, stomach, and thighs.


  1. Zimmer Zcombi

The cellulite therapy and fat reduction treatment is a unique process that can show fast results in a single session. Targeting areas that include the buttock, flabby arms, thighs, the chest, back, waist, hips, and belly, the procedure involves placing a special gel pad over the treated area to avoid skin damage.


If you’re looking for the right slimming treatment in Singapore, always seek a consultation with an expert beautician or a doctor. Certain treatment may work better or worse for you compared to others; so always choose a treatment based on your individual needs and situation.