The Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

Just like any part of the body, your hair can become unhealthy if it’s subjected to damaging factors. Awareness about these hair loss factors is essential to finding solutions. For this reason, Jonsson Protein gets to the root of the matter. We believe that the main key to reinvigorating hair growth is by keeping your scalp clean and healthy. Achieving this can only happen if you know about the main causes of hair fall. These are as follows:

1. Bad Genes

If your family has a history of excessive hair loss, there’s a good chance that you will suffer from the same predicament. In a way, there isn’t much that you can do about this because you inherited the bad genes. But you shouldn’t lose hope because advancements in the medical field pertaining to hair and scalp health can help you in re-growing your hair. It’s advisable that you start taking good care of your hair and consider your treatment options even before the early signs of hair loss set in.

2. Lack of Protein in Your Follicles

It’s a proven fact that about 90% of your hair structure is made of protein. It follows that a lack of protein in your follicles will be damaging to the overall health of your hair. This is one of the major hair fall reasons: if you have an unhealthy scalp, your follicles will also suffer. And if the problem isn’t fixed early, it can lead to complete baldness.

3. Nutritional Deficiencies

Did you know that hair thinning is often a manifestation of deficiencies from vitamin D, vitamin B, and protein? If you are eating a poor and unbalanced diet, this can cause all sorts of problems in your scalp and hair. This is because they are missing the proper nutrients that they need to be strong. They also serve as immunity boosters against infection, stress, and physical trauma.

4. Hormonal Changes or Imbalance

This is among the main hair loss reasons for women. Over the age of 30, your hormone levels become imbalanced. Hormonal changes can also be significantly aggravated by thyroid issues, polycystic ovary syndrome, pregnancy, menopause, and birth control pills. The hormones that are present in birth control pills speed up hair thinning, especially for those who have a history of baldness in the family.

5. Medications

There are certain types of medications that damage the overall health of your scalp and hair. These include depression drugs, blood-thinning medications, retinoids, chemotherapy drugs, oral contraceptives, and calcium channel blockers. The most notorious of these medications are chemotherapy drugs, because they affect good cells while attempting to destroy cancer cells.

6. Stress and Physical Trauma

If you’re not physically or mentally strong, this can lead to problems in your hair and scalp. This is because the natural cycle of hair growth is disrupted. Your scalp gets dry and stunted. As time goes by, your hair strands become brittle and die out.

Now that you are aware of all these hair loss causes, what should you do about them? The first thing you should do is seek a doctor’s consultations and go over your treatment options.

Here at Jonsson Protein, we focus on the root causes of your hair loss problems. That is why we specifically offer a solution that deals directly with the health of your scalp and follicles. Our protein solution aims to cleanse your scalp, keep it healthy, promote blood circulation and create an environment that’s conducive for hair growth.

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