Confidence Booster – Can Shaving Promote Thicker Healthier Hair?


Regardless of whether you’re a man shaving your face or a lady shaving her legs, you have most likely realised that hair seems to grow back thicker after you shave. While many want to know how to have thicker hair, there are some that believe they already have the answer. It’s a common belief that shaving using a razor is the answer to “how to get thicker hair”, but in actual fact this is a common myth. The reason that you may have heard this before is because when you shave and let the hair grow back, it looks thicker as you are going from shaved skin to rugged skin once the hair starts to develop. The hair does not really become back thicker or darker after you shave the hair on your body or face, it’s simply due to the stark difference in the two states. So if you are wondering how to make hair thicker then you will realise that shaving is not the answer.

How Shaving Works


Shaving is an inconceivably well-known type of hair removal that a great many people use once a day. The explanation behind this is because of the way it is done, it is a speedy and powerful approach to reduce hair from any region you desire. Shaving utilizes sharp and thin cutting edges to expel the hair standing out of the skin’s surface. You won’t not realize that when you shave, the razor is really evacuating a thin layer of skin with it to get the hair’s tip expelled. With this in mind, it is fairly important for you to utilize a sharp razor each time you need to shave.


One of the real issues with shaving with a razor is that it isn’t dependable. Most men see a five-o-clock shadow appearing by the day’s end because the hair keeps on developing even after it is shaved away. Keep in mind that shaving with a razor just takes away the tip of the hair that is getting through the skin. It isn’t really expelling the whole hair and root, so it will keep on growing even after you have shaved.


Other Methods for Removing Hair


In the event that you are not keen on shaving since it can become a fairly monotonous experience to have to do as soon as you wake each day, you might want to consider other options that are accessible to you. One approach is to wax the hair from the skin. Many use waxing as it removes the hair by the root which takes much longer to grow back. It is however one of the more painful ways to remove hair from the body and many prefer shaving as it is pain free. You can even visit a neighbourhood waxing salon that will do the waxing for you.


Another approach is to visit a specialist or dermatologist and take a longer-term treatment like laser hair removal. This will dispose of the root and numb the hair follicle that it was developing from. This is known to be one of the longest solutions and while it may seem like an ‘over the top’ solution, it is worth investigating in case you feel burnt out having to shave each and every day. Your specialist or dermatologist will be able to discuss the whole treatment with you and put your mind at rest.

Shaving is one of the least expensive, speediest and probably the most effortless approach to hair removal, yet it has its weaknesses. The good thing is that you now realize that shaving is not how to grow thicker hair. This is only a myth that many people have fallen for.