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Beauty standards have risen in recent years with the surge of skincare products and the proliferation of aesthetic clinics. Most of the affluent professionals belonging to the younger generation invest considerably in beauty products or treatments that will enhance, preserve or conceal the flaws in appearance. Looking picture perfect has become a big deal.

One skin disorder that many suffer from and the beauty-conscious fear the most is pigmentation. But the worst area you wouldn’t want any blotch of pigmentation to appear is on your face. If it does, then it alters the entire picture. Your constant exposure to the sun, compounded by the harsh environment leads to skin discoloration. If your problem is in the face, you can seek special treatment for pigmentation on the face to lessen your anxiety.

What causes pigmentation?

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Your face is a breeding ground for pigmentation, freckles, dark spots, and an uneven skin tone. To be more precise, hyperpigmentation on the skin is the result of an increase in melanin. Melanin is present in several areas of the human anatomy such as the skin, hair and even in the pupils of your eyes. It is also responsible for the changing colors of your skin and hair.

In a country with a tropical climate, regular exposure to sunlight for longer periods is inevitable. Melanin works to absorb and deflect the UV rays to protect your skin. The action prevents damaged skin but triggers discoloration when the rays scatter around the skin. Blotches of pigmentation, freckles, spots and patches will begin to appear on the surface of your face when there is a  high concentration of the melanin.

5 Treatments for Face Pigmentation

If you are having pigmentation problems on your face, there are traditional and high-tech methods available to treat the condition. Consult a dermatologist or a qualified skin care specialist to find out which of the following treatments is suitable for you.

  1. Home Remedies

Image result for potatoes, cucumber, and lemon.A dermatologist may suggest simple home remedies for mild cases of pigmentation The commonly used and proven skin lightening agents are potatoes, cucumber, and lemon. Their juices, when regularly applied to the face removes pigmentation although the routine requires daily sacrifice.

  1. Facial Creams

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You will be prescribed facial creams with hydroquinone and retinol. With regular use, the cream works to shed the pigmented cells from the facial skin. Treatment may take months, but creams with a high concentration of hydroquinone cause more pigmentation.

  1. Micro Dermabrasion

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This treatment is ideal for slight or superficial pigmentation which scrapes the dead top layer of the skin after tiny crystals are spread out on your face. Scraping needs to be light not vigorous otherwise the pigmentation will only worsen.

  1. Facial Peels

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The treatment called chemical peels make use of chemicals, such as glycolic acid which when applied directly to the skin, the top skin layer will shed. It is effective for mild discoloration and is not painful although there is a bit of tingling sensation.

  1. Laser Treatment

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For severe cases or immediate solution, trained and certified skincare specialists perform laser treatments. Clinics make use of wavelengths of light or laser energy to remove facial pigments, freckles, spots and other blemishes. The clinics boast of cutting-edge and high-tech equipment.

Although skin pigmentation is not a life-threatening condition, a blotch on the face of a beauty geek is enough to trigger a thousand alarm bells. You have to realize that aiming for a flawless skin is close to impossible. Remember the maxim, “beauty is only skin deep.” Your character is more important than how you look.