IPL Hair Removal

What is IPL Hair Removal
IPL which stands for Intense Pulsed Light hair removal, is a technology whereby hair is removed from the surface of the skin using intense pulses of non-coherent light.

Consumers looking to remove unwanted hair are getting weary of tedious tweezing, waxing and shaving. IPL hair removal is a much more effective method. The technology utilizes beams of highly concentrated light into hair follicles. Pigment is absorbed by light and essentially destroys the hair.

The Benefits of IPL
There are many benefits of IPL hair removal. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Precise targeting – Removing hair only from selected areas of the body.
  2. Fast and painless – Each laser acts in under a second, treating multiple hairs at once.
  3. Permanent results – Unlike other methods of hair removal, the majority of patients have seen permanent hair loss after several sessions.
  4. Safe and secure – IPL must first be FDA approved.

IPL Hair Removal Tips

  1. Check the credentials of the specialist performing the procedure to ensure you’re working with a licensed and insured practitioner.
  2. Wait at least six weeks before the procedure.
  3. You should limit any treatments like waxing, electrolysis and plucking.
  4. IPL targets hair roots and these procedures temporarily remove them, therefore there should also be a conscious avoidance of exposure to sun for the same period.

 IPL Treatment Process

  1. Firstly, the treatment area will be trimmed before the procedure.
  2. Equipment will be adjusted for thickness, skin and hair color.
  3. To help the laser light penetrate the skin surface, a cold gel or cooling device will be deployed.
  4. At the located area, a pulse of light will then be applied to the treatment area.
  5. Negative reactions will be monitored.
  6. After completion, cold water, ice packs, creams or lotions may be used to ease any discomfort.
  7. Treatment continues until the follicles are totally destroyed and hair growth ceases.

Traditional methods like shaving and waxing are only temporary solutions. Most are expensive and painful. IPL technology has safely removed unwanted hairs with no side effect. It may be time to find a real solution for removing all that unwanted hair. IPL promises safety and long term results.