Take Your Shower Experience to the Next Level With These 7 Products

showerIt is no surprise that showering comes close to being a spiritual experience for a lot of people, with the hot water relaxing the muscles and opening up the pores. Products as simple as a loofa or aromatic shower gel can take the experience to the next level, but there is so much more that you can do to get the most out of your shower time. Whether you are looking for a better facial cleanser or just general information about shower products for men, women or both genders, you may want to add one or more of the following seven life-changing shower products to your shower kit.


1. Natural Body Scrub

Organic skin care ingredients, such as fine grains of sand, sea salt and even aloe vera, can improve your whole-body complexion starting from the first use. A natural body scrub takes advantage of the medicinal properties of both minerals and herbs, and you can even make your own scrub from simple household ingredients, such as salt and sugar.
natural body scrub infographic

in shower lotion2. In-shower Body Lotion

The steam in your shower opens up your pores, so there is no better time to apply lotion than while you are still in the shower. Applying body lotion promotes soft, smooth skin and improves overall circulation, and in-shower lotions include ingredients to lock-in moisture. Most major skincare brands now offer in-shower versions of their body lotion products, so starting this beauty routine is as easy as visiting your local drug store.


3. Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

The best facial cleanser is one that exfoliates while it cleans, sloughing off dead skin while removing excess oil and bacteria. Some women may prefer their facial cleanser to double as a makeup remover as well. Foaming cleansers make for a gentle yet effective option, though sea minerals exfoliate the skin nicely too.


4. Spa-like Shower Head

Even if you cannot afford to install multiple shower heads or a steam shower, you can still find ones with similar, less expensive features. A massaging shower head option offers great therapeutic properties. For a luxurious, total-body clean, look for a rainfall and handheld shower head combo.
spa like shower head

Spa-like Shower Head

5. Shower Organizer

To cut down on clutter and potential hazards, you can purchase a shower organizer. The most popular shower organizers tend to be ones that hang from the shower head or the shower curtain, keeping everything within reach without making you stoop or crouch.


natural sponge6. Natural Sea Sponge

Depending on your skin needs, a natural body sponge may be the perfect, environmentally-friendly replacement for your plastic loofa. Sea sponges tend to be hypoallergenic, which is wonderful for people with sensitive skin types, although their rougher textures can irritate dry skin if you scrub too hard with them.


7. Botanical Hair Treatment

The best shampoo and conditioner for your hair depends on many factors, such as oiliness, thickness, curls or color. Color-treated hair often becomes dry and brittle if not nourished properly; botanicals such as chamomile and ultra-hydrating jojoba oil can help revive damaged hair, while anything with sulfates should be avoided.

D.I.Y. hair mask tutorial

Once you introduce these items into your shower routine, you will probably soon start to feel revitalized and look forward to your shower time. With healthier skin and hair, as well as an improved, calmer mood, you will be up for any challenge that comes your way.